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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Finally got bored enough to update this thingy... Oh well... Life is boring as hell now... Monday to Friday... 10-3, 5.30-11... work.... weekends... tidur like hell, watch tv... on9... repeat process... 13weeks more before internship ends! God save me...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

To Infinity n Beyond.... (Part 1)

It was a LONG, LONG journey to Swiss... Firstly I had to fly from KL to Doha for transit, cuz i was flyin Qatar airways... The flight lasted roughly 8hrs, not veri pleasant cuz thr was dis howling baby disturbing evry1s sleep... Luckily det noisy kid shut up halfway thru d flight... Anyway d first flight was kinda cramped, and i spent most of d time on board sleepin (or tryin to)... Oni woke up for meals and the legroom was bad, made worse cuz i decided to stash my laptop rucksack under d seat infront of me... To make tings worse, wen we almost reached Doha, suddenly there was a PA(passenger announcement) "To all passengers, we are veri sry 2inform u det our flight has been diverted to Bahrain cuz of BAD WEATHER, sry 4d inconvenience n thank u 4ur understandin".. I was lik,"wth now hw are we gonna reach swiss?"... So for the next 10mins, discussin wit my pals, kinda tension cuy we had to reach Swiss at least by Saturday... and on the onboard screen that showed the flight route, cud see that the pilot was making rounds in the sky, as though he was tryin 2draw sumtin... Then, they announced that we were heading for Doha once more... That moment was pure RELIEF... After landing at Doha airport, I finally understood the meaning of BAD WEATHER... It was TOTALLY FOGGY, and one cud oni see lik 20m in front at the best... U ask me drive car oso i sked, n d pilot actualli managed 2land safely... Salute him... So ends the 1st half of my journey with my landing at Doha... I'll continue my adventure in my next post... Thx 4reading fellas...!

Starting Out

Hey guys... Thx 4readin my blog ya... I set up dis blog cuz its hard 2reach out 2u guys nowadays cuy of the 7-hr time diff between Switzerland n Malaysia... So i'll post wen im free or in the mood, so have fun reading ya? Take care fellas..